Reduced iron is a low-carbon porous substance in the form of refined iron powder reduced at low temperature in the furnace. It has stable chemical composition and low impurity content. It is mainly used as a raw material for electric furnace steelmaking. It is a high-quality raw material for smelting high-quality steel and special steel. It is used as a coolant for converter steelmaking, but because it is a low-carbon porous substance, the density is too low to be used directly, and it must be used after high-pressure molding. Iron powder reduction briquetting machine is a good choice.

The structural characteristics of the host of the direct reduced iron briquetting machine. The host is composed of upper and lower beams, hydraulic cylinder assembly, feeding cylinder, mold, hopper, liquid filling assembly, etc. The upper and lower beams are connected by uprights and nuts, and the front end of the main hydraulic cylinder is flanged to the bottom of the beam. The mold is fixed on the lower beam, and the mold sleeve is fixed in the mold. The punch is directly connected to the top of the piston rod of the oil cylinder. Both die sleeve and punch can be disassembled and replaced.

The direct reduced iron briquetting machine has a plate-drawing cylinder located behind the lower mold of the main machine. The plate-drawing cylinder forms the bottom of the cavity with the mold sleeve in the front position, and forms a space at the bottom in the rear position, which is conducive to the falling of the cakes and has the function of pushing the cakes out of the bottom of the mold. The feeding cylinder and the feeding hopper form an automatic feeding mechanism. The feeding of the machine is completed by the reciprocating action of the feeding cylinder. The filling system is located on the side of the beam to replenish the oil required for the rapid advance of the main cylinder.

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