The main body of the metal briquetting press adopts a multi-cylinder linkage structure, with 1 main cylinder, 2 side cylinders, 1 cover cylinder, 1 turning cylinder, and 5 hydraulic cylinders in total. The main hydraulic cylinder pushes the pressure head to reciprocate back and forth, the side cylinder pushes the pressure head to reciprocate left and right, the cover cylinder drives the cover plate to open and close, and the turning cylinder pushes the turning mechanism for turning motion.

The metal briquetting machine can be used for cans, paint buckets, iron cans, scrap iron, scrap steel, iron sheets, bicycles, color steel tiles, light and thin materials, pig iron, thin iron, exposed cans, red bull cans, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, iron barrels , Car shells, frames, metal trims, aluminum alloys and other scrap metals are pressed into forming at one time.

Metal briquetting machines are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries. Various metal scraps, steel scraps, scrap steel, iron scraps, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum scraps, disassembled car shells, waste oil drums and other metal materials can be extruded into cubes, cylinders and other qualified materials in various shapes . It is convenient to store, transport and recycle, increase the speed of entering the furnace, improve labor efficiency, and reduce transportation, manpower and smelting costs.

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