The body of the lost foam mold is made of forged aluminum or cast aluminum. It is used in alternating hot and cold water environments. Different maintenance methods are required depending on the mold structure.

First, the maintenance of manual disassembly mold

Before using the mold, check the following items.

1. Whether the filling port is smooth;

2. Whether the locking screw can be locked;

3. Whether the insert block is in place;

4. Whether the air plug hole is blocked;

5. Whether the upper and lower molds can be tight;

6, whether the mold has cracks;

7. Whether the surface of the mold cavity is heavily abrasive;

8. Whether the water pressure gauge and the air pressure gauge are normal;

9. Is the pipeline valve normal;

10. Is the water pH of the water user appropriate;

11. Is the autoclave normal.

Through the above inspection content to determine the maintenance of manual molds to achieve the following four aspects:

1. Try to use the standard gun of the mold factory, use stainless steel round bar, can not block the gun hole due to rusting of other materials or block the air plug hole due to rust, and use stainless steel bolts for locking screws. Replace it as soon as possible to ensure that the mold can be locked at each opening and closing to prevent flashing of the material during molding.

2. The mold is matured by hot steam, and then cooled by cold water. Inevitably, the outer surface of the mold is covered with scale such as calcium carbonate, which affects the hot and cold exchange of the mold, the molding quality, and more serious blockage of the gas plug hole, so that the hot steam can not Arriving at the surface of the mold cavity, and overhauling the mold, replacing the gas plug, which requires the mold to be descaled and maintained around the week. The descaling is to put the mold in a weak acid environment to soften the scale and then knock it off. The material determines that the mold can not stay in a weak acid environment for a long time, and it is easy to corrode the surface of the cavity. Descaling is a big challenge for the maintenance of the lost mold. Our company now finds that the solution can easily remove the scale of the mold without corroding the mold. Cavity surface. The water quality is often checked so that the mold water environment is in a weak alkaline environment, and it is not easy to cause the mold to generate scale.

3. Because the foam also has a certain corrosive effect and wear on the surface of the mold cavity, this requires a special cover mold on the surface of the mold, which is resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature and can ensure the smooth and easy mold release of the mold surface, and can also be used with the mold. The material has a good affinity, and the surface of the mold cavity is not easy to fall off. The mold of our company adopts the special fluorocarbon coating technology, covering 0.02mm thick fluorocarbon film on the surface of the mold to meet the requirements of the mold. Performance requirements.

4. Manual molds need to be disassembled and handled by hand during use. Pay attention to the lightness during use and try to extend their service life. Inspections before use of autoclaves, pipes, etc. can also avoid some hidden dangers of the mold during molding.

Second, the maintenance of ordinary lost molds

Ordinary machine molds are used on the molding machine, and the maintenance method is similar to that of the manual mold. The following are the following aspects:

1. Before the mold is installed, check the upper and lower templates of the molding machine to ensure clean and flat. If it is not used for a long time, first remove it and clean it, and check the pipeline valve to ensure that the joint points are airtight and non-wetting. Ventilation and water flow are smooth and controllable.

2. Before installing the mold, check whether the individual inserts and core blocks of the mold are assembled in place to ensure that the mold will not escape to the mold air chamber during the filling process.

3. Before the mold is installed, the sealing strips of the upper and lower air chambers of the mold and the forming surface of the forming machine and the separating surface of the mold are installed to ensure that the forming effect of the foam pattern is not affected by the air leakage during the molding process.

4. When installing the machine, ensure that the mold is positioned and fixed on the molding machine, and the method of four-sided positioning is adopted to make the force uniform.

5. During the molding operation, the mold is first opened and closed to ensure that the upper and lower molds are semi-stable.

6. For those who have manual core pulling, the mold should be used according to the operation process. It is first to open the mold and then draw the core, or to draw the core and then open the mold. First, understand the sequence and ensure that the mold will not be crushed due to operational errors. Or scrapped, the inserts and live blocks taken out by the core are placed reasonably, and the underlying foam protection inserts and the live blocks are not bumped. For moving parts, it can be lubricated without affecting foam molding.

7. The surface of the mold cavity is coated with fluorocarbon. It is not possible to scratch the surface of the mold with sharp objects, which affects the foam forming fruit.

8. After the mold is used for 2 weeks, the scale treatment is carried out, and the molding machine template is rustproofed.

Third, the maintenance of automatic lost mold

The use of the automatic lost mold mold mainly involves the service life of the cylinder and the use environment. In addition to the above, the maintenance and maintenance of the cylinder is the maintenance of the cylinder.

1. Before the mold is installed, simulate the opening and closing of each cylinder to ensure smooth and smooth movement of the core block and the stripper, and the stroke is appropriate.

2. For the external cylinder, after understanding the sequence of the core-opening mold, it is only necessary to apply oil lubrication frequently to ensure that there is no hair jam between the sliding sleeve and the copper sleeve.

3. For the internal cylinder, because it is used in the environment where the hot steam and the cooling water circulate back and forth, the heat-resistant cylinder is used, and it is replaced regularly according to the difference of the water quality. Under normal circumstances, the batch is changed for 2 months, and the model is guaranteed when replacing. The journey is consistent.